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Waalaxy Review 2024: Features, Pricing And Alternatives

Preeti K
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in depth review of waalaxy

Exploring Waalaxy can improve your prospecting campaigns and sales automation. With pricing starting at €80 per month per user, it offers a free trial and excels in multi-channel prospecting.

Automate personalized campaigns, manage Sales Navigator, and save up to 70% of your time. While users praise its value for money and efficiency, some are concerned about subscription rates.

Enjoy an intuitive interface and responsive customer support. Make informed decisions to optimize your strategies. Lets do deep Waalaxy Review for better understanding.

Boost Your Email Campaigns

Craft AI personalized cold emails that scale and secure meetings with your prospects.

Key Takeaways

With its competitive pricing options and efficient prospecting capabilities, Waalaxy stands out as a top choice for users. Users benefit from pricing plans starting at €80 per month per user, with access to a free trial and a free version without requiring a credit card.

The platform excels in multi-channel prospecting, exceptional customer service, and is praised for its value for money.

Waalaxy Review : Overview And Features

Waalaxy provides a wide range of features designed to boost LinkedIn lead generation, sales, and marketing efforts efficiently.

With Waalaxy, you can automate personalized prospecting campaigns, manage your Sales Navigator account, and streamline your automated sales and recruitment processes.

The platform simplifies prospecting into three simple steps, allowing you to extract prospects, set up campaigns, and let Waalaxy handle the rest, including tracking campaign performance.

What Does Waalaxy Do?

Maximizing your LinkedIn lead generation, sales, and marketing efforts efficiently, Waalaxy offers a wide range of automated prospecting tools and features. It’s an all-in-one solution for sales and recruitment prospecting on LinkedIn, saving users up to 70% of their time through automation.

Ideal for salespeople, marketers, freelancers, founders, and recruiters, Waalaxy simplifies prospecting tasks and allows for personalized prospecting campaigns to optimize lead generation efforts.

Boost Your Email Campaigns

Craft AI personalized cold emails that scale and secure meetings with your prospects.

Waalaxy Review : Pricing And Value For Money

When considering the pricing and value for money of Waalaxy, it’s important to note the increased subscription rates, limited pricing plans, and the lack of justification for these changes.

User reviews remain positive, highlighting the platform’s ease of use despite the adjustments in pricing.

As you navigate through the updated pricing structure, understanding these key points will help you evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the plans offered.

Increased Subscription Rates

Despite the impressive features and capabilities that Waalaxy offers, users are expressing concerns about the recent surge in subscription rates and its alignment with the perceived value received.

Some users have noted unanswered questions regarding the pricing plans and value received compared to the increased monthly subscription rates.

The lack of updates or improvements in features alongside the price hike adds to user dissatisfaction.

Limited Pricing Plans

Limited pricing options hinder users from fully maximizing their budgetary flexibility when considering Waalaxy for their sales and recruitment needs.

The back and forth between the pricing plans, ranging from €80 to 160€ per month, may not align with the expected value proposition for all users.

Free plan limitations, such as reduced LinkedIn prospecting and support, raise concerns about the pricing structure’s adequacy in delivering all-encompassing services for different user requirements.

Lack Of Justification

The lack of clear justification for its pricing and value proposition has raised concerns among users of Waalaxy.

Customers are questioning the correlation between the pricing and the features offered, feeling that the value proposition falls short.

Some users find Waalaxy pricey compared to competitors, impacting the perceived value for money. The discontinuation of the Pro plan and recent price increases without substantial updates have pushed users to reevaluate the pricing structure.

User Reviews – Positive

Considering the positive user sentiment towards Waalaxy’s pricing and value for money, it’s evident that the platform resonates well with its users, especially regarding ease of use and campaign effectiveness. Customers appreciate the great customer support, multi-channel prospecting, and time-saving benefits.

Boost Your Email Campaigns

Craft AI personalized cold emails that scale and secure meetings with your prospects.

Ease Of Use

With an impressive ease of use rating of 4.3 out of 5 based on 5.8K reviews, Waalaxy stands out for its intuitive interface and streamlined campaign management capabilities. Users find Waalaxy quick and easy to use for prospecting and campaign management.

The intuitive interface simplifies setting up and monitoring campaigns, providing a user-friendly experience that complements its time-saving automation features for lead generation.

Responsive Customer Support

Moving seamlessly from the discussion on ease of use, you’ll find Waalaxy’s responsive customer support to be a standout feature in its pricing and value for money. Users highlight the best email response time available, ensuring quick issue resolution any time of day.

This efficient support system boosts user satisfaction with Waalaxy’s services, making it a top choice for those seeking timely assistance.

User Reviews – Negative

Users have expressed concerns over Waalaxy’s pricing and value for money, citing it as too expensive compared to its competitors. Some users find the pricing plans show a significant increase with reduced features, particularly noting the discontinuation of the Pro plan.

Unanswered questions linger about the value received for the increased pricing, with reports of bugs, lack of features, and high prices impacting the overall user experience.

Waalaxy Alternatives

Looking for a budget-friendly option with improved features and better value for money? Consider lemlist as an alternative to Waalaxy.

It integrates with a wider range of platforms, providing a more robust prospecting and outreach tool at a competitive price point.

Boost Your Email Campaigns

Craft AI personalized cold emails that scale and secure meetings with your prospects.

Final Verdict: Should You Choose Waalaxy?

For those seeking a streamlined solution for automated sales and recruitment prospecting on LinkedIn, the decision to choose Waalaxy may prove to be a game-changer.

With cost-effective options and efficient tools for sales automation, lead generation, and LinkedIn outreach, Waalaxy offers a user-friendly platform to automate your LinkedIn activities and improve your social media prospecting efforts.

Consider Waalaxy for effective and budget-friendly solutions in today’s digital world.

Is Waalaxy a Better Alternative to Email Marketing Tools like Gmass and Mailchimp?

When it comes to email marketing tools, the debate of Waalaxy as a better alternative to Gmass and Mailchimp is worth exploring. In the email marketing tools comparison, Gmass vs Mailchimp, Waalaxy offers unique features and a more personalized approach that sets it apart from the competition.


To wrap up, while Waalaxy offers advanced features and efficient tools for prospecting and outreach, it’s crucial to evaluate alternatives like Topline, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Textedly, and Pinpointe for a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Each option has its own unique strengths and capabilities, so make sure to investigate all options before making a decision.

Elevate your marketing game by selecting the right tool that best suits your needs.