Custom Webhooks

Custom Webhooks

Custom Webhooks in Outboundly are designed to significantly enhance your marketing strategies and ensure the health of your campaigns


Email Open Trigger


Link Click Trigger

Insights on Link Engagement

Gain valuable insights into which specific links in your emails are engaging your prospects. This data is invaluable for understanding what captures your audience’s interest.

Tailoring Future Content

Use this information to tailor future email content, ensuring that your communications become increasingly relevant and compelling to your audience.

New Message Reception


Unsubscribe Trigger

Email Bounce Trigger

Addressing Email Delivery Issues

Quickly respond to bounced emails to address delivery issues as they occur. This prompt action helps in maintaining a healthy and clean email list.

Improving Email Deliverability

Addressing bounced emails is fundamental for improving overall email deliverability rates and the success of your email campaigns.

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