Add Inboxes Securely

Securely Incorporate Inboxes

At times, there’s a need to dispatch unsolicited emails from a well-established inbox that isn’t under your control. However, for agencies or consultants, obtaining inbox credentials can pose a security threat.

Minimize Security Concerns

Distributing login information among several individuals amplifies the potential for security breaches. While you might believe it won’t happen to you, the repercussions can be severe if it does, especially concerning a client’s account.

With Outboundly, the likelihood of credentials being exposed is non-existent. The direct connection established by the inbox owner to Outboundly ensures that no external entities pose a threat.


Eliminate Unnecessary Delays

Whenever you’re reliant on someone else, particularly a client, there’s an inevitable waiting period. Are they done? Is it time for a follow-up?

Outboundly streamlines this process for you. The moment an inbox gets integrated by its owner, a notification is dispatched to you, ensuring you remain productive without any uncertainties about the task’s completion.

Prioritize Expansion

Rapid growth demands swift actions and numerous decisions that consume your focus.

Our goal is for you to concentrate on your enterprise, not on the intricacies of our pricing model. Please don’t think about the decision to incorporate new members into your Outboundly account. If they’re essential, include them and proceed.

Experience It Firsthand

A free trial that comes with premium features. No Credit Card Required.

Appreciation from Our Customers

From individual outlets, and budding startups, to expansive multi-brand entities.

Marketing Director at TechSolutions Inc.
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Outboundly is a game-changer! The AI-powered lead generation and personalized outreach have doubled our client responses. It's like having a dedicated sales team working 24/7. Highly recommended
Content Manager at DigitalBoost Agency
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Outboundly has taken the hassle out of outreach. Finding quality opportunities and sending tailored emails is a breeze. Our website traffic has soared thanks to successful collaborations. Thumbs up
CEO of StellarTech Ventures
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Outboundly is the best thing I adapted in my company. The lead generation precision and the seamless outreach to customers has become easier like never before.