Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox

All Conversations, One Place

Optimize your email impact with Outboundly’s strategic warmup process. Gradually build your sender reputation to ensure high inbox placement rates for your messages.


Centralized Inbox

Streamline Your Email Management


Status Tracking and Direct Reply

Efficient Email Interaction


Streamlined Reply Tracking

Unibox’s ‘All’ tab provides an efficient overview of all tracked replies, significantly enhancing your workflow. This feature allows you to quickly gauge the status of your ongoing conversations, ensuring no message is overlooked.

Easy Email Status Management

After reading an email, users can effortlessly change its status, which helps in organizing and prioritizing communications. This functionality is crucial for maintaining an efficient email management system.

Direct Response Capability

With Unibox, responding to leads becomes more straightforward. You can reply directly from Unibox, using the email account associated with the specific campaign, ensuring a seamless and cohesive communication process.

Keeping Consistency

Communication History at Your Fingertips


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